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Wine Taster and Nature Lover

What could be better than sipping wine and enjoying beautiful scenery?  New Zealand is just the place to experience this.  There are many wine tasting tours where you can try the many varieties while looking out onto the snow capped mountains or rolling hills.  If not a wine enthusiast, there are many other activities to do.  How about relaxing on a boat through the Fjords?  You can enjoy the many waterfalls cascading down the rocks and watch the sunning penguins. Yes, there are Penguins in New Zealand!  Do you want to get adventurous and go bunging jumping or hike to the glacier? There are plenty of hiking and biking trails throughout New Zealand but if you just want to relax, take a scenic train ride and enjoy the magnificent mountains or ocean.  New Zealand is an easy country to do your own thing by renting a car or have everything planned in advance and I can help you make this happen!       

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