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Rated the no. 1 travel agency serving Central Pennsylvania's corporate and vacation travelers.

Travel Time believes our success as a travel agency is dependent upon three groups of people:

  • Our Employees
  • Our Customers
  • Our Suppliers

Accordingly, we treat all our employees, customers and suppliers with fairness courtesy and the utmost of respect.

Quality, rather than quantity, is the primary driving force of the company. We are trusted advocates for our clients, offering outstanding service in our pursuit of excellence and profitability.

Travel Time was established in 1949 with headquarters in York, PA. Both companies are recognized by customers and peers for outstanding service and customer focus, hence the merger of the two companies in October 2010.

It's not what we promise that sets us apart, it's what we deliver. Being a service-first organization means that we take the time to understand your business and what it takes to help you succeed.

Travel Time is a certified MBE and an SDB with an additional 8(a) certification from the U.S. Small Business Administration. We are affiliated with Tzell Travel Group and Travel Leaders. Travel Time recently received recognition as one of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies by Central Penn Business Journal.

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This is a long-overdue shout out about the tremendous service provided by Heidi Clymer. I've worked with her for many years on complicated flight itineraries and she is always incredibly helpful and responsive. I've grown accustomed to her willingness to go the extra mile, but she has now really outdone herself. After exploring upgrade opportunities through Air France numerous times for me (each representative gave her a different answer) it appeared that we were at the end of the line. I thanked her and told her not to put anymore time into pursuing the upgrade. That was two days ago. Today I got a message from her saying that she had continued to try to get me the upgrade and was successful. I was thrilled and so appreciative of her dedication. She is a truly great professional and I hope there is some way you can reward her for her great service.

Sincerely, Amy M.



I appreciate everything that you do for me. I know that I am a pest sometimes, but with all of the travels this job entails, you are a blessing in disguise. In my previous life, I did all of my travel bookings myself (I had to, to ensure it was all correct). Again, thanks for all that you do.




Thanks again for helping with that trip. Everything was a success, even the stuff that was done on super late notice! Thank you so much!



Jessica and I got back from Mexico late Sunday night. Every phase of our trip worked out perfectly - from the hotel and the parking pre-trip, to the flights down, to the transfer from the Hard Rock to the Velentin, and then back to the airport. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all your hard work for this trip, and to let you know that it paid off in terms of peace-of-mind for Jessica and me. Thanks again for everything!



Thanks Jen - just the way you say things makes me feel really great. You never know what or when things said touch people. You are a very nice person and enjoyable to work with.



Amy, just wanted to pass along that the place was great. We had )in my opinion) the best room at the place. You did a great job and I'll be using you from now on for any travel vacations.



I personally wanted to let you know how much I/we appreciate Sheila! Last week there were travel disruptions as you may know. For myself, flight cancellations, delays, rerouting and ending up driving from Chicago to get home. Bu that is not the point of my email. After a day of travel nightmares, I was on an Avis shuttle bus headed to get a rental to drive home. It was about 7pm ET, when I received a call from Sheila. She was monitoring not only my flights but also many of the other people who were trying to get home. She offered to get me on a different flight, but I had had it with air travel and just needed to be in a car...But her call and personal concern for myself and our team just left me feeling so uplifted and cared for!

Luke B


We are very the top impressed with the care and help you extended us during the 2016 blizzard. We could not have asked for more, and are so happy to be your customer. We love to share the story of your pre-planning, the work in re-arranging, the Sunday morning email from Shaun, and now your follow-up.

Anxious to plan again,

B and F, Lancaster


I am sure I don't say it enough but, your group does an outstanding job. Jen and the team take a vested interest in their work. They make the toughest part of our job, a lot easier.

Greg E.


You and everyone at Travel Time have really gone above and beyond any other travel agency I have ever worked with in my 29 years in business.

Katrina G.


I just wanted to drop you a note to say how awesome it has been working with Holly. She's very quick to respond to any email and is great with booking last minute reservations as needed or tracking down complaints that come in from participants on their hotel stays. Thanks again for everything you do to help us out!

Amy T., Lancaster, PA


I am writing to you to commend Sheila Hilsher at your Travel Time Agency for her extraordinary service to me and my family. Last year she dealt with 12 of our 16 family members going to
Vermont (from VA & Oregon). Previously she got 9 of us to Colorado & Utah, making car & flight arrangements each time. Currently she is getting 10 of us to Wyoming on 2 different dates & arranging for 2 vehicles for different lengths of stay. When the airlines changed some flights, she seemingly effortlessly re-booked all the flights with NO stress to us! Yesterday she noticed a car rental fee that was much lower than the one she had booked for us (starting last November for July/Aug. of this year) and was able to arrange that for us - a larger car with a different agency which
is now one that is ON-SITE at the airport (a definite plus!) at a lower rate. All of that done so professionally & pleasantly to my way of thinking. I marvel at the notes she must have on our family and our various likes & dislikes & preferences. How can she keep it all straight? Surely she has other clients to consider, and we assume she gives each one the same "undivided attention" she gives to us. We are grateful for all she is able to do on our behalf and wanted her supervisor to know how very much she is appreciated.

Your company is to be commended, as last year Sheila recommended that Amy Stambaugh handle the resort arrangements for all 16 to stay at Smugglers Notch in 2 different condos, again with varying lengths of stay & arranging for various activities & reservations for all ages from 5-72. We had a memorable 50th wedding celebration thanks to the smooth handling of all the particulars.

We just wanted to recognize Sheila for her going above & beyond for us each time she helps us. My daughter was working for Tetratech in Northern VA about 10 years ago and told us about Travel Time & we began using your service. We have never been disappointed, whether it's just 2 of us or all 16; our travel arrangements have been thorough and faultless. It makes it really easy for us, knowing we're in capable hands for a nominal fee. Congratulations to all for a JOB WELL DONE. We trust many others let you know of the outstanding service they receive from your company. I have recommended it to several friends & will continue to do so. Just trying to make sure you appreciate the outstanding customer service Sheila gives consistently. We feel blessed.

Sincerely,  Shearer, Ashland, VA      



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and to let you know I received several compliments on the job you did for us. They described you as professional, patient and so nice to work with. They said there is a big difference from the way ticketing was handled in the past. So thanks for a job well done. Our partnership is working well and we look forward to working with you in the future.




Just a quick note to say that Hillary again did a fantastic job with our sales meetings. She is highly organized, professional and just pleasant to hang out with. Everything went well.

We are already talking to her about next years trip.

Best, C.D.


I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you about the exemplary service that has been provided by Shannon for the last 18 years.

At first I planned a Disney trip with her and the service that I got from her was always accurate, insightful, prompt responses and even ridiculous questions I had she always had the answer or knew where to find it.

Then my company NewComm Technologies started using Shannon for our business trips. We were never given anything less than her best.

Also, I got married in Disney World in 2001 and Shannon handled most of the reservations for my guests and everyone who utilized her services told me how helpful she was and that they never had service from a Travel Agent before.

As a business owner, I know what it’s like to find employees of Shannon’s caliber and I will continue to use Shannon for any trips that I make in the future.


Jennifer Schouten


Just a note to say thanks for the excellent service we received from Tom Shenk. We had a Board member whose flight got caught up in the weather cancellations last Thursday. Tom was able to
get him re-routed the same day versus having to spend another day away from home. We really appreciate his quick work and customer service.

Scott O, Harrisburg, PA

I just wanted to send you a quick email about Shannon Throne. She has been my travel agent for then past 3 years now and has been fabulous! My mom gave me her contact information for our first trip to Jamaica, we liked it so much we ended up getting married there the next year. Shannon helped coordinate over half of my 30 guests and everyone was very happy with her service. Just 2 months ago my husband and I planned a multi-country Europe trip, which Shannon was crucial in. Between the flights, trains, tours and hotels she helped
to make our trip AMAZING and I couldn't have done it without her. I just thought you should know that she's been doing a great job, and I am more than happy to refer her and your company to anyone!

Thanks, K.S.

Thanks, Stacy – and we appreciate you being part of our team!  I also appreciate that I don’t hear any complaints from our employees (on the travel front, that is!!), and that whenever I have a question or a problem, you answer it or resolve it almost immediately – which makes my job so much easier. I just wanted you to know that we don’t take your hard work for granted.

Tina, York, PA

Sherri and Lori - We really had a fantastic time it was everything we had hoped it would be and more. Thank you both for putting all of this together it could not have been better planned and scheduled. All of the tours were just great, hotels were great, everything was just perfect. I think I told you at some point that I was going to try to arrange all of this myself, I am so glad I called you!

Thank you again for a trip we will never forget! Drew F,


Hi Shaun! I have been using Tom as my travel agent both personally and professionally for years. He always goes above and beyond to make our travel experiences pleasant.  Here’s a note from one of my sales associates….some great praises for Tom! He’s awesome!!

Cheers, Kathleen T.


Stacy: You are the greatest.  You put Concur to shame in my opinion.  We are, thank God, still not to the point where we can do away with the human involvement in most things of any importance.

Sincerely, Milo M., Houston, TX


Jill handles the business air travel for staff approved to attend professional development. Jill is always friendly, professional and conscientious in bringing to my attention possible cost cutting measures. I know she received phone calls and emails from staff and handles each one with patience and a genuine sense of wanting to help. Some days I call and email her numerous times, yet she never sees it as an inconvenience. Jill is a wonderful "advertisement" for Travel Time.

Sincerely, Sherry N.


Thank you so much for your role in making this a happy ending. I am really grateful for your intervention and research and calm concern. I get to tell people THIS is why we pay travel agents!

Robin M


Hi Jess, Last Tuesday I had the trip from hell on my trip to Orange County. First our Harrisburg flight was cancelled. Both of my coworkers got other flights out of Harrisburg, but both seemed to have gotten on the last seats on that particular plane. United claimed they had absolutely no flights that could get me to California before 3:30PM and with that arrival I would have missed two of my three meetings. The United rep told me Delta also had nothing. I called the Travel Time emergency number. My representative was a woman named Nancy and I want to go on record to say that she was amazing. I told her I was nervous to do this flight alone. She worked for about two hours straight for me. I drove to Philadelphia which I said I would do. I ended up arriving at Santa Ana before either of my co-workers! Hopefully today's travels will be a little more boring.

Thanks,Lyn G


Thank you, again, for getting me back to Baltimore today. A job well done, and very much appreciated. You made a very stressful situation not so bad. You are always there to get me out of a bind, Jen, and you do it very professionally. You are simply AWESOME! 

Scott H


I just wanted to tell you how wonderful Michele Fries has been throughout the entire process of booking flights for my daughter, Carissa (Messiah College) for her study abroad program in Israel. She also took care of booking flights for myself and my sister-in-law when we fly to Israel to join Carissa. She worked out flights so the three of us can fly home together at the end of Carissa's semester.

She has been absolutely amazing! wonderful! and has great patience as I ask A LOT of questions! She is truly an asset to your team there at the Travel Time Travel Agency.

Sincerely, Crystal


Heidi, I finally made it to Houston last week successfully and made it home safely. I would like to thank you for all of your hard work and patience in dealing with that stressful situation. Being stuck in Detroit overnight would have been a much worse experience without all of your help and support. I truly appreciate your services. Thank you again, and I look forward in working with you in the future.

Best Regards,Christopher S.

Thx, Holly.  By the way, the ENTIRE SALES FORCE have made it official….you are the best!!  We all agreed on it during out latest national sales meeting in Ohio

Matthew Leocorchick, Lancaster


Thank you so much Amy! There’s no way we could have done this ourselves for this price. I think you’ve secured some repeat business for Travel Time!
Greg, Lancaster


I just want to share with you what a great experience I had with Chris Groenke on the Bailey after hours service this evening. Long story short myself and two of my colleagues missed our flight to Atlanta and she was extremely patient, helpful and efficient in quickly getting them one to the only other flight that would get them there this evening as well as making arrangements for me to fly out in the morning. Along the way she saved us (our client in this case) some significant money by holding on the line for Delta to make sure they didn't charge me and that our flights were intact for the return. She also got my hotel canceled after the cancellation time. And, most importantly, she had an extremely upbeat attitude and was a pleasure to deal with. Guessing you're not surprised to hear it, but just wanted you to know what an exceptional job she did. I would add that I have used your after-hours service on other occasions and have had good experiences then as well, but this was particularly good.
Thank You,
Mike, York, PA

Thank you for the great service on booking my European trip here lately.  Sheila did a great job and your prices were lower!                                                                                                      Tim G, Chief Financial Officer

I just wanted to let you know what an outstanding job Holly does.  I have worked with many different travel agents throughout my business career, but I have never had such an impressive person coordinate my travel.  In short, she is fantastic.  Superior in every way.  I felt the need to communicate to you my thoughts on Holly as she is truly a major asset in day to day operation.
Matt L

I wanted to again say that Susan Strickler is the Best!!! She is always so pleasant, kind and accommodating. You have a real gem there.!!! So Thank You once again to you and Susan and your staff for all your hard work and making our experience memorable.
Mary Lou 

We had the pleasure of booking a Cruise through Angela Kreider and also having her join our group for the trip- Adventures of the Seas on February 3, 2013.  We have taken many trips in the past….always using AAA or other Travel Agencies.  We can’t even begin to tell you the difference from past experiences to our recent Cruise.  Angie made the trip so easy, relaxing and stress-free for us.  What a wonderful experience from beginning to end!  Angie went above and beyond to make our trip perfect, paying attention to every detail along the way.  The trip far exceeded our expectations, thanks to Angie!!  We will definitely use Travel Time and specifically Angie for future travels. 
Sherri A
Lancaster, PA

I wanted to thank you again for being so gracious today relative to my snappiness the day before about my daughters travel plans. Her flight from Providence ended up being delayed by just 1 hour after all and she arrived in NJ to meet the rest of the students with sufficient time.   

Your professionalism in this stressful situation was extremely helpful.
Deanna R.

"Everything was great. The tours to Piza and the Vatican were very nice. If anyone goes to Florence or Rome I would definitely recommend the two hotels we were in. Walking distance to everything and very friendly.

If anyone thinks they can by-pass a travel agent like you they are fooling themselves. Thanks, Londa, for making this a great vacation"
T. Witman

I just wanted to let you know what TERRIFIC customer service Vickie Cunningham has given to us. I was working with her to obtain tickets for several students to go to Ecuador this summer and return to multiple locations. Vickie really worked to fulfill the different  student’s requests to return to different locations. This all had to be done in about 3 days. 

In addition, I discovered at the last minute this afternoon that one student put the wrong internship information in their form and I needed an additional ticket today for her. Vickie came through! I am really grateful for her quick turnaround and wonderful service.
Sandi S
Lancaster, PA

You gals always do a lot more for us than what’s on paper.  I don’t know how often you hear it from the others here, but we’re all in high agreement that we’d walk off and let management handle everything if they ever let you guys get away.
Karen L
York, PA

Thank you so much for your assistance and flexibility.  It is important to us that you provide the exceptional day-to-day service you do.  It is a testament to your professionalism that you go the extra step to assist when things go awry.  I so much appreciate you stepping up on Friday to provide guidance and support. 
Patrick D
Lancaster, PA

Just a quick note to let you know I continue to get outstanding service from the team at Travel Time.  (I work with Jess and Rachel).  Their response time is phenomenal and their team coverage when one or the other is out of the office is seamless.  I hope everyone else here is also experiencing the same level of service. 
Joy S.
Lancaster, PA

I just have to write to say thanks once again for your superb customer service and professionalism. I just been bombarded with emails these last two days from the British agency Reed McKay and it has been such a contrast in style! You've made everything so easy for me while this other agency has seemed almost determined to make things quite difficult and have interrupted my vacation numerous times now. I am going to insist that all my hotel arrangements are booked through you now. Please feel free to forward this to a supervisor. I am really pleased with how you were able to get things done so I could have peace of mind going forward.
Song V
Washington, DC

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the help you provided me with Mr. Olson's trip to China.  Mr. Olson and Mr. Reynold's trip was a success and a big part of that was due to the assistance that you provided us with all of the travel arrangements.
Vicki S

We just came back from a wonderful vacation in San Francisco and Napa Valley and I'd like to thank Shannon Throne for planning such a great vacation for us.  She answered all my questions so quickly and planned this last-minute trip to fit in our budget.  She was the best travel agent I've ever worked with and I look forward to working with her again in the future.  She's a great part of your team!
Terry B

I wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with Travel Time and with Rachel Brubaker in particular.  Although everyone at Travel Time has been helpful, Rachel has been a blessing many times.  Some of our project managers change tickets FREQUENTLY and Rachel has always been such a help – and always cheerful – even when I knew we were being difficult.  You are fortunate to have her as an employee!
Krista M
Harrisburg, PA

It is my pleasure to be writing to you to give you very positive feedback regarding the service I have received from Cynthia Pagotto.  I first worked with her several years ago when she helped me plan my first trip to Hawaii. She was so wonderful that when I started to travel for business there was no question that I would be going back to her for assistance. For about a year now she has been taking care of all my travel needs and she is outstanding.  She is very prompt in getting my questions answered and getting arrangements made. She always stops to consider my preferences and get my feedback, and we have developed a personal relationship that is uncommon in business today.  I am currently traveling every other week to Denver so we work together frequently. I always tell her she is an angel – and she is!! She takes all the worry away for me.

I wanted to take the opportunity to give her my highest praise, and if you knew me you would know that I am not easily impressed so coming from me this is something!!
Gerri G
Lancaster, PA

I just wanted to let you know how great it has been working with Lori Heathcote for our (business) group trip to Cancun that we are going on in March.  We have had a lot of changes throughout the whole process and Lori has accommodated us for each of them.  She has been very responsive and has gone above and beyond for us each and every time something has come up.  So I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how wonderful she has been throughout this whole process.
Kate G

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